vocals, guitar, slideguitar, harp

 Born in 1958 in Vienna, Austria, he was self-taught. He founded the Mojo Blues Band in 1977. His intensity with the blues music, touring through Europe & the U.S., together with the cooperation of international Blues stars, formed his musical talent. Being convincing, using a lot of feeling & often using a sense of humor with stories inbetween, he never has a problem capturing his audiences. On December 16, 1999, Erik received the Golden Sign of Merit Award from the Republic of Austria for his outstanding performance in the fields of music & art. It seems astonishing for a country that is considered as a high cultured one that a Blues musician received this award. But it is not when you know about the honored because Erik Trauner is predestined to get "secular" recognition being a traveling preacher of the Blues between Europe & the U.S.

Versatility as a Trademark

Born on May 4, 1958 in the Vienna, Josefstadt district where he still resides, his path as an exceptional musician was not ever preconceived. The opposite was the case, being such a bad student in musical education, no one would have thought of a musical career. From his father, a painter & graphic artist, he also inherited an interest in graphics & modeling. With his consistency & determination, he self-taught himself all the capabilities that the highest sensitive person is never satisfied to accomplish. He develops himself even further with his self criticism and that is a trademark of real creativity. With this creativity he lives not only for the music but also as an artist creating wonderful dioramas, graphic art pictures & also creating cartoons.

He's Got His Mojo Working

Even though the musicians changed frequently all around Erik Trauner, the Mojo Blues Band still became an international Blues trademark a long time ago. Endless recordings & concerts all around the world for over 25 years carried the reputation of the group & finally brought them to the homeland of the Blues, the U.S.A. Even there you can find the songs of the Mojo Blues Band in the relevent charts characterized by his emotional quitar playing, distingished vocals &, in the last few years, harmonical playing.  "I met a lot of European Blues musicians who want to sound like their idols & who could not do it. But Erik Trauner on the opposite, sounds absolutely authentic."
 ... Red Holloway

The Essential of the Blues

Erik is at home with Chicago Blues & just as well as Zydeco & Cajun music from Louisiana. Who does not remember the hit "Rosa Lee"? But he also feels comfortable with Country & Western or Gospel music. Intensity at live solo concerts on his acoustic guitar leave the people astonished with open mouths. His main intension is to find his own style & not copy his idols in all details. Consequently, more than 50% of his repertoire are his own songs. Besides the songs, he is a good live entertainer being a part of a handful of Blues men who also think of the fun of this wonderful music. His main intention is to place into the forehand the emotion of reduction & not the sterility of technique & perfection.