upright bass

Born in 1967 in Salzburg, Austria. 
Studied electric & contra bass in Vienna. Scholarship recipient of the American Institute of Music.

Having taken lessons in classical guitar, Herfried first laid hands on an electric bass when he was 13, and he soon founded his own blues & rock band with two of his neighbourhood friends. Self-taught on bass at first, Herfried moved to Vienna after highschool to study electric & contra bass. In 1992, he received a scholarship for the American Institute of Music. 
 Herfried has worked with many national and international musicians, including Gisele Jackson, Chuck Le Monds, Opus, Tim Tim, Koolinger, Prince Zeka, and many more. Between 1999-2003, he was part of the "Karl Ratzer Quintett". Now he is happy to return "back to the roots" and to provides a powerful bass foundation for the Mojo Blues Band.