Release date. 09. Nov. 2017

Cover art by Sandra Gangoly & Erik Trauner
Jerzy Bin
Dietmar Hoscher
Andreas Müller
Joe Vigerl
Günter W. Hieger
Stefan Diesner

Styx Records CD 1085


CD erhältlich:

Didi Mattersberger


Peter Müller



  1. Check it out, baby
    (E. Trauner, Red Holloway) 04:52
  2. Blow wind, blow wind
    (Muddy Waters) 04:33
  3. Sick and tired
    (C. Kenner / Dave Bartholomew) 03:01
  4. Long distance call
    (Muddy Waters) 05:40
  5. Dust my broom
    (Robert Johnson) 04:23
  6. Flat foot Sam
    (Clara Wills) 02:42
  7. One more mile to go)
    (Tommy Dean) 04:58
  8. Further on up the road
    (Robey/Veasey) 03:46
  9. Should i ever love again
    (E. Gates/H.M. Cockel) 03:54
  10. My country man
    (L. Kirkland/S. Wyche) 05:05
  11. Promised land
    (Chuck Berry) 04:04
  12. Want to hug you
    (John Lee Hooker) 03:25
  13. The things that i used to do
    (Guitar Slim) 04:45
  14. You got to pay the price*
    (John Primer) 05:11
  15. Sloppy drunk)
    (John Lee Curtis Williamson) 04:23
  16. I´m not that easy
    (Erik Trauner) 06:23


  1. Reconsider, Baby
    (Lowell Fulson) 03:08
  2. Call me John Primer*
    (Mc Kinley Morganfield/John Primer) 07:47
  3. As long as I´m moving
    (Charles E. Calhoun) 03:23
  4. Ain´t nothing in ramblin´
    (Memphis Minnie) 05:02
  5. The pick up
    (Harold Battiste/Raymond Johnson Jr.) 03:30
  6. Trouble in mind
    (Richard M. Jones) 05:08
  7. Papa wants to knock a jug
    (Leroy Carr) 03:43
  8. Strange roumors
    (Erik Trauner/Erik Trauner) 04:17
  9. Your next lover
    (Erik Trauner/Erik Trauner) 04:26
  10. Black nights
    (Lowell Fulson) 04:43
  11. Talk to your daughter
    (J.B. Lenoir) 04:03
  12. Gold tailed bird
    (Jimmy Rodgers) 04:43
  13. Cold women with warm hearts
    (Albert King) 05:48
  14. Bring me flowers/Hell on earth
    (P. Wheatstrow/E. Trauner) 06:33
  15. Black Train
    (Trauner, Fassl, Furthner, Knapp, Mattersberger) 04:35
  16. Tattle tale
    (Erik Trauner) 04:59


Erik Trauner
vocals, guitar, slide guitar, harp
Siggi Fassl
vocals, guitar, lap steel
Charlie Furthner
piano, backing vocals
Herfried Knapp
upright bass,
Didi Mattersberger

Guest musicians:

Gisele Jackson
vocals on A8, A9, A10, B5, B6
Petra Toyfl
vocals on B3, B4
Paul Chuey
tenor sax on A1, A5, A7
John Primer
vocals & guit on A14, B2
Lisi Stiger
baritone sax on A3, A6-A10, A13, B1, B3-B6
Bernhard Rabitsch
trumpet A3, A13
Herbert Graf
tenor sax A3, A13
Tom Müller
tenor sax A6, A8, A9, A10, B1, B3, B5, B6

Produced by Mojo Blues Band.
A1, A5, B13 recorded at Metropol/Vienna
All songs mastered at KOKA Studios by Andi Wingert

Sound Engineers:

Andi Neubauer
A6, A8, A9, A19, B1, B3, B5, B6 (Theater Akzent Vienna, April 2017)
A14, B2 (Stadthalle Vienna 2009)
A16 (Reigen Vienna 2007)

Rossen Stornoff
A1, A5, A7. A11, A13, B12 (Metropol Vienna, June 2015)

Stefan Kubalek
A2, A12, A15, B7, B8 (Tunnel Vienna, Sept. 2016)

Matthias A. Makowsky
B14 (Filmhof Asparn/Zaya, May 2017)

Dieter Edlinger
A4, B9, B10 (Vereinssaal Hirschbach, Dec. 2015)

Bernd Neuwirth
A3, B11, B16 (SBF St. Pölten, July 2015/16)

Martin Bröll
B13 (Wirtschaft Dornbirn, Oct. 2016)