Release date. 17. Okt. 2020

Cover art by Sandra Gangoly
Peter Roehsler
Charlie Furthner

Styx Records CD 1103


CD erhältlich:

Didi Mattersberger


Peter Müller


  1. Flim, flam
    (Erik Trauner, Sigurd Fassl) 02:22
  2. I´m mad
    (Junior Pettis) 03:13
  3. Shutdown
    (Erik Trauner) 03:56
  4. Steel City bounce
    (Karl Furthner, Sigurd Fassl) 03:22
  5. Five long years
    (Eddie Boyd) 06:40
  6. Lipstick traces on my pillow
    (Erik Trauner) 03:49
  7. Why are you so mean to me
    (Albert King) 03:20
  8. Crazy about Oklahoma
    (Jimmy Reed) 04:15
  9. Voodoo woman
    (Erik Trauner) 04:39
  10. You´re humbuggin´me
    (Rocket Morgan) 02:31
  11. They call me lazy
    (Lazy Lester) 04:23
  12. After you
    (Homesick James) 03:49
  13. The sinner in me
    (Erik Trauner) 04:01
  14. Boogie hunter
    (Karl Furthner) 03:05
  15. Honest i do
    (Jimmy Reed) 03:17
  16. Walk the bridge (re-recorded)
    (E. Trauner/E. Trauner, K. Furthner, S. Fassl, H. Knapp, D. Mattersberger) 06:04
  17. Do me up good - Live Bonustrack
    (Erik Trauner, Karl Furthner) 05:37


Erik Trauner
vocals, guitar, slide guitar, harp
Siggi Fassl
vocals, guitar, lap steel
Charlie Furthner
piano, guitar,
Herfried Knapp
upright bass,
Didi Mattersberger

Produced by Mojo Blues Band.
Recorded during July 11th to 14 th 2020 at ORPHEUM, Vienna
except Track 17, recorded live in CH - Aadorf
Recorded & mixed by Roman Veigel
All songs mastered at KOKA Studios by Andi Wingert

Special thanks to Chico Klein & the Crew of Orpheum