Cover Layout by Markus Toyfl

CD : MSC CD C7777032
LP : EMI Austria 12C066-7937101


  1. Accordion Boogie
    (Dozzler, Trauner, Gugolz, Toyfl) 03:57
  2. Dancin' With Y'all
    (A.C.Reed) 02:54
  3. Let Me Love You
    (Willie Kent) 03:30
  4. Lonely Man
    (A.C.Reed) 04:33
  5. Just Sitting Here
    (J.Y.Jones) 05:04
  6. Rather Be Lonesome
    (C.Dozzler) 03:46
  7. Please, Mr. Jailer *
    (J.Y.Jones) 05:10
  8. Living In Paradise
    (M.Elem) 03:31
  9. The Reedman's Boogie
    (A.C.Reed) 03:04
  10. Enough Love *
    (M.Elem) 04:35
  11. This Little Voice *
    (A.C.Reed) 04:10
  12. Curly Head Woman
    (C.Dozzler) 02:52
  13. Just A Poor Boy
    (J.Y.Jones) 04:22
  14. The Wild Taste Of Chicago
    (Jones, Elem, Kent, Reed, Dozzler, Trauner, Toyfl, Gugolz) 04:53
  15. Love My Baby *
    (Willie Kent) 06:22
  16. Good Bye Chicago *
    (Jones, Elem, Kent, Reed, Trauner, Dozzler, Toyfl, Gugolz) 06:14

* (CD Bonus Tracks)


Erik Trauner
guitar (1,2,6-12,14-16), slide guitar (3-5,13)
Christian Dozzler
accordion (1), harmonica (2,3,5,6,8,10,11,12,15), piano (4,7,9,13,14,16), vocals (6,12)
Markus Toyfl
guitar (1-8,10-16)
Dani Gugolz
bass (2-7,9-16)
Michael Strasser

A.C. Reed
vocals (2,4,11,14,16), tenor sax (4,9,14,16)
Timothy Taylor
drums (2-16)
Willie Kent
vocals (3,14-16), bass (3,15)
vocals (5,7,13-16)
Big Mojo Elem
vocals (8,10,14,16), bass (8,10)
Robert Plunkett
vocals (14,16)

Pruduced by Mojo Blues Band. Recorded at ACME-studios, Southport Street, Chicago on July 12th, 1989. Except for "Accordion Boogie" which was recorded April 15th, 1988, in Vienna.

"This present LP originated in August 1989 during a three weeks stay of the Mojo Blues Band in Chicago, undoubtedly the blues metropol of the United States. Without actually having planned such a project the band decided on a spontaneous recording session.

Erik Trauner, Christian Dozzler, Markus Toyfl and Dani Gugolz experienced Chicago "live". They were invited to barbecues in the heart of the South Side, encountered living blues legends, had memorable wild jam-parties in the back yards of terrace- houses and spent long nights in black blues clubs.

Even though only little can still be heard of traditional blues in Chicago, the "Mojos" consistanly strayed in its persuit until they made the aquaintance of several musicians who may be the last of their kind.

The Mojo Blues Band invited such musicians as Willie Kent, A.C. Reed, Taildragger, Big 'Mojo' Elem and Timothy Taylor to their recording session at ACME-studios in Southport Street.

In a 16-hours-marathon recording session the different cultures, languages and mentalities melted into one another to become a friendly whole - all made possible by the common love of music. Inspiration for the title came from a gigantic gourmet fair, named "The Taste Of Chicago", presenting local restaurants and organized at the time by the City of Chicago.

Consequently, this LP can be regarded as an acoustic delicacy. Furthermore this record documents the first bridge between musicians of Chicago and Vienna in the history of the blues".
Pia A. Bauer/English translation by Gottfried Oehl