(3 CD-Boxset):
EMI Austria 780937-2 - 3-CD-1992



  1. All My Moneys Gone
    (Dozzler, Trauner, Toyfl, Gugolz, Müller ) 03:12
  2. Better Off Dead
    (C. Dozzler) 05:56
  3. The Sun Is Shining
    (Reed) 05:36
  4. Look Out Chicago - Medley
    (Fulson, Corthen, Jones) 09:23
  5. Rollin´ And Squeezin´ alt. Take (instr.)
    (A. Zwingenberger) 02:23
  6. Mojo Boogie
    (Lenoir) 05:59
  7. Dillusion Blues
    (Thomas) 07:53
  8. Shim Sham Shimmy
    (Dupree) 04:02
  9. Talikin´About My Blues
    (A. Zwingenberger, E. Trauner) 11:03
  10. I Got The Blues
    (Corthen) 05:07
  11. Ridin´The Boogie Train (instr.)
    (A. Zwingenberger) 07:25

CD 2

  1. Big City
    (McNeely) 10:22
  2. Sound of the Blues
    (E. Trauner) 09:25
  3. Harp Enough (instr.)
    (C. Dozzler) 02:37
  4. Louisiana Stomp (instr.)
    (C. Dozzler) 03:01
  5. Midnight At Jazzland (instr.)
    (M. Toyfl) 06:29
  6. People´s Problems
    (Webster) 09:50
  7. Double Dynamite
    (Harrington) 04:50
  8. Just A Closer Walk With Thee
    (trad.) 05:20
  9. Ain´t Doin´ Too Bad
    (Malone) 04:24
  10. I Got My Brand On You
    (Dixon) 06:10
  11. Guitar Shuffle (instr.)
    (Fulson) 02:35
  12. Reconsider Baby (instr.)
    (Fulson) 04:12

CD 3

  1. Everday I Have The Blues
    (Chatman) 04:00
  2. Oh Wee Sweet Daddy
    (Webster) 05:06
  3. Yeah Yeah Boogie
    (McNeely) 02:49
  4. There´s Something On Your Mind
    (McNeely) 06:23
  5. Big Jay´s Opener
    (McNeely) 02:23
  6. Young Girls Blues
    (McNeely) 05:05
  7. Donkey Honk Part 8 (instr.)
    (McNeely) 05:19
  8. Come On Little Girl
    (E.Trauner) 05:09
  9. Someday
    (McCollum) 04:17
  10. Let´s Rock, Let´s Roll
    (Littlefield) 05:30
  11. Sad Story
    (Littlefield) 06:51
  12. I´m A Woman (But I Don´t Talk Too Much)
    (Thompson) 06:58
  13. A Lotta What You Got
    (Gillespie ) 06:17


Erik Trauner
vocals, guitar
Christian Dozzler
Markus Toyfl
Dani Gugolz
Peter Müller

"All present recordings, with the exception of "All My Money's Gone", "Better Off Dead", "Rollin' And Squeezin'" and "Midnight At Jazzland" were all taped incidentially or for our own consumption and enjoyment at various live concerts or rehearsals, without any intention to ever release them. Over the years, however, we realized that the relaxed atmosphere, the care-free manner and spontaneity - the live quality of these recor- dings could not be archived in the studio. In a majority of cases no rehearsal preceded the recordings. We combed through our archives, listended to hundreds of hour of tapes and came to the conclusion that we should present the Blues lovers with what seem some of the best recordings of the Band, even though many of the titles are far from being perferct recordings as far as the music as well as the recordings technique is concerned.

Only those who really live the Blues, understand it an treasure it, can maintain its vitality, expressiveness and natural ease, which is consequently often mirrored in a wide variety of life's aspects. Simplicity is beauty, and yet, simplicity is so hard to come by; over-sophistication is an evil of our times!" from the Booklet -- Hans Maitner