Cover Layout by Erik Trauner

Styx Records CD 1002 - 1999


CD 1

  1. Wee Baby Blues
    (Pete Johnson-Joe Turner) 03:11
  2. Where Did You Go Last Night?
    (Joe Hudgins) 03:12
  3. Going Crazy Over TV
    (Jimmy Anderson-Jay West) 03:18
  4. You Can't Win 'Em All
    (Jimmy McCracklin) 03:51
  5. Anna Lee
    (Hudson Wtittaker) 04:42
  6. They Must Have Seen Me Comin'
    (E.Trauner) 03:43
  7. Come On Little Children
    (Bob Gaddy_Hy Weiss) 04:13
  8. Arkansas
    (Jimmy McCracklin-Deadrick Malone) 02:41
  9. Rocket In My Pocket
    (McAlpin-Logsdon) 03:11
  10. Keep On Rockin' Me Baby
    (Doug Jay) 04:02
  11. Call You On The Phone
    (Jimmy Anderson) 03:28
  12. Last Time Around
    (Aaron Corthen) 03:59
  13. Big Muddy
    (Richburg-Allen Stone) 04:02
  14. Irene
    (Jay Miller-Bernhard Jolivet) 04:36
  15. Roll Over Beethoven # 1
    (Chuck Berry) 05:40
  16. Operator
    (L.Dupree-M.Smith) 07:16
  17. Pull Down The Shades ( Instr. )
    (Christoph Rois) 02:25

CD 2

  1. No No
    (Jimmy McCracklin) 03:05
  2. Roll Over Beethoven # 2
    (Chuck Berry) 04:39
  3. I'm Movin' On
    (Clarence E. "Hank" Snow) 02:20
  4. Sunnyland Train
    (Josea-Ling Taub) 04:56
  5. A.C.'s Big Fat Woman
    (Aaron Corthen) 03:29
  6. I Wanna Boogie
    (Jimmy Anderson) 02:58
  7. I Wonder Why
    (Nappy Brown) 05:36
  8. Rock A While
    (Billy Nightingale) 03:39
  9. Baby You Don't Have To Go
    (Nappy Brown) 04:47
  10. Mack's Cruise (instr.)
    (E.Trauner, D.Gugolz) 03:10
  11. Baby What You Want Me To Do
    (Jimmy Reed) 03:42
  12. The Fisherman
    (E.Trauner) 03:36
  13. Going Through The Park
    (Jimmy Anderson-Jay West) 04:09
  14. All Shucks
    (Jimmy McCracklin) 03:39
  15. Playgirl
    (Doug Jay) 04:49
  16. I Got A Brand New Mojo
    (Larry Dale) 05:20
  17. Coal Miner's Shift ( Instr. )
    (Christoph Rois) 02:47


Erik Trauner
vocals, guitar
Markus Toyfl
Dani Gugolz
Peter Müller
Christoph Rois
Jimmy Anderson
Jimmy McCracklin
vocal, ts
Nappy Brown
Bob Gaddy
vocal, piano
Larry Dale
vocal, guitar
Doug Jay

This is another great collaboration between Mojo Blues Band and American blues musicians. And again the release has a great booklet which explains the goal of this release. We also get to know the artists involved. I have borrowed some of the photos from the booklet just to let you know it's all about.

"...I'm sure you will agree that this ambitious project by Mojo Blues Band is again a full artistic success. This is no longer merely the case of a European band searching out the roots of their music and hiring black blues stars to raise their own visibility or credibility. The recordings on this CD are proof that Mojo Blues Band has reached a level of musicianship and originality that puts it on the forefront of traditional blues and rhythm & blues bands anywhere in the world today. And the featured musicians regarded them as peers, not pupils: You can hear the fun they had together, live and/or in the studio". (Klaus Kilian)