Cover Layout by Erik Trauner

LP: Bellaphon 270-31-011
MC: 470-31-011



  1. Hot Bricks
    (T/M: E.Trauner, C. Dozzler) 02:52
  2. Drinking Wine Spo-Dee- O-Dee
    (T/M: Sticks, McGhee ) 02:43
  3. Blues Stay Away
    (T/M: Demore Brothers, Raney, Gloven ) 04:49
  4. Just Messing Around
    (C. Dozzler) 03:07
  5. Doc's House Party
    (M. Wichtl) 03:11
  6. 7th. Floor Boogie
    (D. Gillespie) 03:08


  1. Gotta Go Home
    (Levy) 03:21
  2. V.S.O.P. Stomp
    (Very Superior Old Piano) (C. Dozzler) 03:10
  3. Someday
    (Nighthawk) 03:05
  4. Feelin' Shakey
    (C. Dozzler) 02:23
  5. Viola
    (E. Trauner ) 02:58
  6. My Blues After Hours
    (E. Trauner ) 04:57


Erik Trauner
vocals(2,7,9-11), guitar(1,5-8,10,11), lap steel(3,), slide guitar(9)
Christian Dozzler
accordion(1,10), harmonica(2,9,11), vocals(2), piano(4-8)
Markus Toyfl
guitar(3), 2nd guitar(1,5,9)
Gerhard Strauhs
bass(1,3,5,7-10), guitar(6)
Michael Strasser
Martin Wichtl
temor sax(5-7)
Herbert Graf
2nd tenor sax(5,7)
Gerhard Wessely
bariton sax(5,7) Erich Gerdenits drums(1-2)
Dana Gillespie

Produced 1984 in cooperation of Mojo Bluesband & Hans Maitner.

7th Floor Boogie
"I live in an appartment up on the 7th floor, and it is there that Dana used to lie on the balcony in the sunshine and write songs. It was the first home she knew when she first came to Vienna in 1980 - it brings back sweet memories."

Gotta Go Home "During the R&B boom of the 50s vocal duets were very popular, ant it was at this time that Gene & Eunice recorded "Gotta Go Home". They had an R&B smash hit with "Kokomo".

When we play live, we often use this song as the final goodbye number. It has a direct message with a lot of charme." (1984 Erik Trauner)