Cover Layout by Erik Trauner

LP : EMI Austria 12C066-1334151
CD : MSC CD C7777031


  1. Rosa Lee
    (E.Trauner, C.Dozzler, M.Toyfl, D.Gugolz) 3:012
  2. Banana Peel Slide
    (E. Trauner, C. Dozzler) 3:36
  3. Bring It On Home
    (W. Dixon) 4:22
  4. Louisiana Boogie
    (E. Trauner, C. Dozzler) 4:22
  5. Born In '58
    (E.Trauner) 9:20
  6. Shame, Shame, Shame
    (McCracklin, Geddins) 5:24
  7. Midnight In Swampland
    (E.Trauner) 5:24
  8. Soundborn Boogie
    (C.Dozzler) 2:53
  9. Hell On Earth
    (E.Trauner) 5:44
  10. Shake That Boogie
    (C.Dozzler) 2:44
  11. Cajun Dreams
    (M. Toyfl, D. Gugolz) 6:00


Erik Trauner
vocals (1), slide guitar (2,4,5,7,9,10), rhythm guitar (3), solo guitar (6), lap steel guitar (11)
Christian Dozzler
piano (1,8,9), harmonica (2,7,10), accordion (1,4,6,7,11), vocals (6)
Markus Toyfl
rhythm guitar (2,4-7,9-11), guitar (1,8), 2nd guitar (3)
Dani Gugolz
bass (1-11)
Michael Strasser
drums (1-11)
Gerhard Wessely

Produced by Hans Maitner & Erik Trauner. Recorded live at "Jazzland", Vienna

"Midnight In Swampland" is based on the memories of my childhood and youth which I spent in the marshlands along the river Danube. Its untouched, mysterious scenery is very similar to the swamps of Louisiana. Inhope we have succeded in capturing the mystic and impenetrable beauty of this landscape on this track. It would be a pity if such a wonderful landscape had to disappear one day.<small>